Daily Archives: October 3, 2014

The Incredible Hulk Pocket Book (1980)


There are quite a few reprints out there – trades have pretty much dominated the comic space for a while now.  I know that many comic collectors have given up monthlies and switched to collected editions a while back.  For me, the monthlies are still perfect.  I have found that they are messing with the trade formula way too much – originally you could get about a dozen issues for $15/$20.  Then the Marvel standard was a 6 issue collection for $20-$25 (Hardcover could run $35) and it’s only getting worse.  I’ve seen trades that have only collected 4 to 5 issues but the asking price is still the same.

Let’s not get into that though – this re-print is from 1980 and collects the first two issues of The Incredible Hulk.  This Pocket Book is a bit too large to fit into a pocket though – it is thin but it’s about the size of a DVD case.  It also reprints the issues in black and white on newsprint – which I am still a fan of – but I really do miss the color when it’s on the printed page.  The re-colored cover is changed from the dark and brooding original to bright and colorful.  The original Hulk has been changed from grey to the more recognizable green – most likely to capitalize on the Hulk television show.  Of course, looking at the cover price it is apparent that this was released over the pond – 15 Pence – which, I am not currently up on my money conversion rates – but it seemed like a good price to me.