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Hulk #7 (2014) – The Review


So, looks like I didn’t have to wait long to have my questions about what would happen to Skaar once his gamma is taken away answered.  The answer, of course, might not make all that much sense – but let’s wait to get into the review first.  Doc Green is still out to rid the world of all the other gamma weapons – and his focus is aimed at his own son.  Not that he cares – he makes it abundantly clear that he wants nothing to do with him – another clue that this incarnation of the Hulk is one of the most different, callous and angry versions we’ve ever seen.


Pak made Skaar a foe on par with the Hulk’s strength – and Duggan does a decent job displaying that – although I sort of feel as though Skaar was a little too easily beaten.  After getting injected with the cure, though, Skaar transforms into a human… mostly.  Duggan doesn’t forget to mention that Skaar could possibly still have some of the old power in him – and then Doc makes a Kill Bill reference and off he goes.  The battle, I thought, could have been greater – but either way we are down another Gamma.  Which is good.

Banner returns in the pages of the Hulk #7, although briefly, and he doesn’t seem to be able to form a coherent thought.  Or maybe he just didn’t have enough consciousness to say anything – either way we are made aware that Doc Green is keeping Banner at bay by refusing to sleep.


Rick Jones is the bookend of this issue where he lets Betty know of the Hulk’s intentions and she, much like her father, bursts into crimson and vows to bring the fight to the Hulk… or something to the effect.  Overall, another decent issue by Duggan as he cleans up the MU’s Gamma Family.  Grade: B+

I do have to add that the variants this month are top-notch!  the Bully variant is beautiful and the figure variant is one of my favorites by far!  I could have done without the BM homage to Hulk #340… but I guess they can’t all be winners.