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Hot Wheels Hulk Smash Spin Out – And a New Car! (2014)

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When it comes to toy Hulk cars you have your pick of what you want – there is quite a few choices.  Do you want a Hulk image printed on your Hulk car?  It’s out there.  You want the car to be formed into the shape of the Hulk?  It’s out there too.  A few different companies have thrown their hat in the ring trying to make a Hulk car.  Hot Wheels has now released a couple of items inspired with the Hulk.  First off, they are combining the might of all the Avengers with specialized tracks (although, I only care about the Hulk) and the Hulk has quite the addition.

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I will start by mentioning that the Hulk figure that comes with this set is pretty awesome!  I mean, if it had feet then it would be perfect – but it doesn’t – it’s attached to the cityscape with the Hulk towering over the buildings by an obscene amount.  They also provide a car launcher and an Abomination car.  I can’t really tell why it’s called the Abomination car – not only does it not have the Abomination on it – but it’s not even colored in the vain of the Abomination.

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But the best part of the set is the Hulk himself!  Not only does it look bad ass – but it spins with whatever ferocity you can muster – and it rejects the Abomination car as it tries to jump past the Hulk’s angry fists.  It’s a sight to behold and it truly is a really fun toy for kids of all ages.

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But that’s not all!  Hot Wheels did release a Hulk car as well – and unlike the Abomination car you can tell the car is actually inspired by the Jade Giant!  It’s a nice Olive green color with a rear wheel well and bumper colored classic purple.  The wheels are also colored green and purple too.  It has a copyright of 2013 – but I haven’t seen it on the pegs until now.

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I feel like I am pretty decent at being able to distinguish artist’s style but for the life of me I can’t seem to recognize the who drew that awesome Hulk on the card.  If anyone knows leave a comment below so the mystery can finally be solved!  Over all, thanks to Hot Wheels for releasing a new set of Hulky wheeled fun!

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