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Disney’s Infinity Hulk Figure (2014)

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I don’t play the game – let me throw it out there right now.  I never even gave this section in TRU a second thought… and then Disney announced that they were going to release the Marvel characters and I suddenly perked up.  I was wondering what the Hulk was going to look like – I really appreciate the cartoony feel of the whole line – so I figured that, with all the options out there, they could make an outstanding Hulk figure!  I saw pictures and liked what I saw.  Then, the news came down saying that they were not going to release the Hulk with all the other figures.  They Hulk was going to be delayed until the end of October.

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I am not sure why, exactly, they did that – in fact, I didn’t pay attention enough to see if the Hulk was the only figure released in that manner – but it makes little sense to me even now.  But, finally the 28th arrived and the Hulk figures donned the pegs.  It looks pretty much just like the promotional figures so there was no disappointment with the sculpt.  The cartoonish style lends to a unique look that I enjoy.  In fact, it reminds me a bit of the unreleased Hulk figure that would have been part of the Fantastic Four line. Still bummed this was never released.

The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away

Of course, these being a part of the Infinity game this is not really an action figure as much as it is a game piece. So don’t expect any articulation.  He does come in a pretty fantastic pose that captures the Hulk the way he should be.  He has a fist and what I now refer to as the “Keown Hand” – doesn’t everyone notice that Keown draws Hulk’s hand in that way an extraordinary amount?  But like I said, this is just a game piece – much in the vain of the Inaction Figures that Kevin Smith released years ago.  The real let down, for me, is more about paint application… or more to the point – the color they used.  It’s a very pale, light green.  I think they could have chosen a bit better color – something more in the vain of the early 80’s or even a darker, more recent color would better suit this piece.  Overall, that’s the only complaint.

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If you play the game leave a comment on what the Hulk does in the game – let me know how great he is – otherwise I would never find out because I am not going to buy the game to see for myself.  If you don’t play the game but you are a Hulk fan and wonder if this figure is worth getting – I’d say go for it.  It’s a fun piece that has a unique enough look to be a great showpiece in the collection.

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