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Hulk vs The Mother of all Bad Guys!


Make sure you get ready for a mini-series that has been years in the making!  Even in Thanos Quest Thanos mentions he has intentionally avoided a tussle with the Hulk because his powerful strength is legendary!  Now we will see the two go at it!  Click on the image for the link!

Disney’s Exclusive Marvel Select Savage Hulk (2014)

memories1 003

I railed against this thing when I saw the early production pics – and my attitude hasn’t changed.  Of course, faced with a brand new Hulk figure (especially a Marvel Select Hulk figure) it was almost impossible to say no to buying.  I say almost because I actually did leave the store without the first time.  Then, after filling up on Johnny Rocket’s for lunch I turned to my wife and said “I got to go back for the beast.” And I was on my way to the Disney Store.  My earlier complaints of the figure were about the face, the sculpted shirt and bland look of the figure overall.  Those complaints still stand.

Side Box Art

Side Box Art

Of course, we are dealing with Marvel Select and all of their Hulk figures are HUGE and impressive.  Also, the benefit of basing a figure on nthe silver age Hulk lends to not having a “pin head” Hulk.  The head is a decent size for the body.  The packaging is beautiful adorned with the Silver Age Hulk images that we all know and love!

memories1 004

Unfortunately that’s where the positives stop and all I can see is the terribly designed ripped shirt, the ugly mug that does not remind me of the Hulk so much – and the pale color that seems too boring for the Hulk to be stuck with.  I wanted a brighter and more vibrant colored Hulk – that would have helped this figure enough I could even over look the face if the color was correct!  I’m am sad to report that this figure is probably a miss for me.  I can’t recommend picking it up – but know the real Hulk fans will still do so (much like I did)  Grade: D+