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Hulk Ceramic Love…

hulk what 018

There is a few new items out there to grab if you are depleted of containers to hold both hot and cold delicious liquids.  I love all the Hulk face molded mug that are on the market today – but the new mug is taken in a new direction.  I mean, it doesn’t go off the rails completely but it is at least a little different than the ones we’ve been served with before.  This Hulk isn’t the screaming face we’ve seen before – or even a aggravated snarl – no, instead we have a stoic looking Hulk.  A content, maybe even puzzled Hulk.

hulk what 019

This was an interesting idea – not sure of it will be a huge seller or not.  Let’s face it – an angry Hulk sells – it’s the version we all know and love – but a confused Hulk?  Not so sure…  I’ve found this at Newbury Comics next to an Iron Man and Thor mug.  The mugs are fine – but not very crisp or detailed.  The paint application seems really sloppy, sadly as the green from the eyes bleeds into the face.  Maybe the reason they didn’t make it a open mouth mug was a cost saver.

hulk what 020

It’s fine, really, nothing special.  The Disney’s Avengers mug and the 1997 Applause mug are way better and fantastically painted so if you want a mug people would actually be impressed by (like a date, or girlfriend… or mother) then I would search for those mugs rather than the new one.

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But hey, you know what else is out there?  A Hulk goblet!  A goblet!  Well, it’s a Hulk goblet at Toys R Us but if you find it at Target then it’s a candy dish.  Depending on where you shop this Hulk find will take on different jobs.  It’s a Hulk of many hats!  It can be anything you want!  Except for an actual hat…

hulk what 016    hulk what 017

At Target it came with cherry lozenges – at TRU it comes with hot cocoa powder.  So, pick your poison!  The Hulk goblet/candy dish is actually a fun piece – although not much better quality than the new mug – difference is that this Hulk is the whole enchilada and the other is just a constipated looking face.  But here is all the wonderful green molded ceramic for all to enjoy!

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