Betty… Dead from Spite?

Betty’s death will always sit with me as a defining moments in comics.  I know that there is a lot of speculation on the what/why/who/where/when of Betty’s demise – not in the story line itself – but more on a question of why PD decided to off the long suffering wife of the Hulk.  Well, CBR has an answer of sorts.  It seems that Betty dies because PD didn’t have a cheerleader for her anymore.  His wife liked Betty, she left PD, PD was approached about a story arc where Betty dies and PD said “Sure”.  What he had a problem with was where they wanted to take the Hulk next… and Marvel won that argument by taking PD off the book.  Still one of the worst decisions that was made by Marvel to this day.  Anyways, click the image and read the full story on CBR.


One response to “Betty… Dead from Spite?

  1. There is so much to discuss regarding the Peter David article in general and Betty especially. One question that needs to be answered is why the editor wanted to kill her in the first place.

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