Gamma Blastin’ Glove (2014)

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I can’t substantiate these claims because I can’t locate every last review out there – but when Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H. premiered it seemed to be universally panned.  There are a lot of problems with the cartoon and I can’t even tell you how many cringe-worthy moments that the cartoon created – but, I’ve said it before, my daughter actually loves this cartoon.  If it can help make her a Hulk fan then it can’t be ALL bad!  They’ve released a bit of toys and figures based on the short-lived show and I did pick up a few of them.  This Gamma Glove is actually really cool – even though it has nothing to do with the Hulk!  I can’t even remember seeing the Hulk use a “glove” to blast villains in any episode.

But hey, they don’t make a whole lot of dangerous toys anymore – and this is as close as we get to awesome toys that can take out an eye – so I’m all for this!  It says that these are a Toys R Us exclusive – and another reason I worry about the future of the toy giant – when you hitch your wagon to properties like this you are never doing your company a favor.  That being said – this piece is worth the pick up!

memories1 002


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