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hulk letter

As I sit here trying to do some clean up of this site I realized that a lot of Hulk websites/blogs get left to the wayside.  I mean, I almost gave up on this blog a few times myself – and I get it – the stresses of everyday life can burden you so much that you have very little time to devote to the things you want or love to do.  It can be very frustrating.  I am glad for the fans of this blog who have stuck around all this time. I appreciate the ones who have subscribed to my blog – or even my YouTube channel. I wish I could give you more – but it’s a hobby.  An awesome hobby, but all the same, a hobby that doesn’t bring in a cash flow.

I enjoy talking to many of you guys out there.  I remember the days when this blog was reaching thousands of people a day – and that was great – but it did invite a lot of passionate (sometimes too passionate) fans here who expected more from this site other than a place to come and look at all the pretty green things.  Anyways, the site still reaches hundreds of people – people who seem to be like-minded – people who enjoy the ramblings of an obsessed father of two who loves the Green Goliath.  So thanks again!  I promise to keep posting if you promise to keep coming back!

BTW – Check out the links on the side of the page – there are some awesome sites over there to check out!


5 responses to “New Links… New Sites

  1. You keep posting and Ill keep coming. Appreciate your dedication to all things green Ratchet.

  2. Agreed. I really do appreciate anything you and other bloggers (like Steve over at Engine of Destruction) are able to do to share with the Hulk community.

  3. There some interesting conversations back then. Part of the reason you have less people following the blog is that we have not had many great issues since Pak left.

    • Agreed. You’ll continue to have my support, Ratchet. I intend to keep up with my fellow Hulk fans. After all, together, we’re the Strongest There is. 😉

  4. brilliant blog, keep it coming, always GOOD! 😉

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