NEW Hulk Christmas Ornament (2014)

hulk what 007

What can I say – it’s a Agents of SMASH kind of week… and here is the new ornament you can get from the stores based on the Hulk from the animated series.  So you do not get confused there is a cute little H as his belt buckle to help both you and him remember how to begin spelling his name.  The cartoon may end – bit it can line in infamy forever by snatching up more items like this little guy!  Grab him now!  Before Christmas is here!  Wait till the season is over and you can pay 50% less for it though… so really, it’s up to you.

hulk what 008

you can see the route I chose.  This little guy will be added to the Ratchet family Christmas tree this year with all the other little Hulks!  It’s certainly not as impressive as some of the other Hulk ornaments and heck, it’s got that really awkward “staring at my fist” pose.  It’s not even all that well made with a pretty sloppy paint job – but it was the Hulk and it was cheap – so to my tree he will go!  I think I will have to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving – yeah, I’m one of those people.  When do you guys put yours up?

hulk what 009

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I am a man. I like the world I live in. I would like it better if pumpkins were available year-round though...

6 thoughts on “NEW Hulk Christmas Ornament (2014)

  1. Don’t know whether or not you’re in to packaging variants, but TRU has it with just a Hulk & AOS tag, Wal-mart has it in a red Hallkmark box, and Shopko has it in a H&AOS white and blue box (similar design to the AOS toys you’ve been finding at TRU).

  2. What a shitty paint job. I thought I saw a much better non Agents Of Suck ornament somewhere. Oh btw I was watching Avengers Assemble and Hulk was referred to as the Maestro ever so briefly by a army of robots from the future. Speaking of The Maestro he’ll be showing up in February’s issue of Spidey 2099. Peter David is writing it so im confident that Marvel won’t botch it up. Also Doc Green tries to cure Thundra’s daughter in that months issue if Hulk. He’s quickly running out of gamma powered characters to “cure”. I wonder when he’ll be going after Jen? Gamma Corps is supposed to be showing during this storyline. I wish Marvel would have done a book with them and Ross instead of shoe horning him into yet another version of Thunderbolts.

    1. I’m not so sure Jen can be cured – doesn’t she have Bruce’s gamma irradiated blood? That’s how she became She Hulk. Bruce’s blood can’t be “cured” so doesn’t that mean Jen’s can’t either?

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