Hulk Bowl Holder (2014)

hulk wwwww 016

I can’t express enough how beneficial a blog like this is to have.  Not only for the obvious reasons like being able to reach out to and hear from some of the best Hulk fans in the world but also getting a heads up of cool products that might’ve flown under the radar from your sights.  Case in point: this Hulk Bowl Holder from Rubies.  When I was told about this item from someone who visits this site I couldn’t believe my eyes!  It was too cool for words!

hulk wwwww 018

A midget looking Hulk that holds a bowl that you can fill with virtually anything!  I ordered it immediately and waited for the package everyday for almost 2 weeks!  I went with the slower shipping because, as cool as this guy is, and as large this item is, paying almost as much in shipping as the item costs seemed crazy to me.  Now, when I saw the item and realized it retailed for less than $40 I was hugely surprised!  When it arrived I was still happy – but no longer surprised.

hulk wwwww 019

While painted and sculpted well (and I figured it would be hollow) I was hoping – and from the size of the box still thought it would be – a full figured Hulk.  Instead it is cut in half and the hollow back is left out there for all to see.  That’s alright though, place him against a wall (which you would do anyways) and let the whole world know you are a generous, Hulk loving, candy hander-outer.  Is that how you say that?

hulk wwwww 020

hulk wwwww 021

If you’re in the market for one just Google Hulk Candy Bowl and this will pop up somewhere along the line.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to add this to the collection.  It’s so fantastic and hilarious!  I filled my bowl with Original Sin eyes but they looked sort of lonely all by themselves so I added a few others and he sits in the Hulk room doorway ready to greet and guests that stop by.

hulk wwwww 022

Or don’t even use the bowl – without it he looks sort of like he’s just standing there begging for money.  You could easily make more with this little guy than you could pan-handling by yourself!  It’s easy cash, I tells ya!  Like printing money!  Except you are using a humongous Hulk doll instead of a printing press!  Whatever your intentions, this little Hulk piece is surely unique and an eye-catching piece to keep around for a long, long time.

hulk wwwww 017

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