8 thoughts on “Is Duggan Giving us the Pre-Maestro?

  1. The 616- Universe Maestro is here! I can’t wait to see him dispatch/slaughter every major hero, villain, and cosmic being that dares to oppose him. It would seem by this vision/dream, he’s already working fast to fill up his trophy room. If this is the direction Mr. Duggan is taking the Jade Juggernaut, I’m all for it.

    The Strongest, Smartest, Angriest One there is will set about on his quest to annihilate/slaughter everything in the Marvel Universe. And the scary thing is… he’s more than capable of achieving such a goal. Can you imagine Thanos’ decapitated head on a spike and Galactus’ helmet turned into an elaborate throne? I know I can! 🙂

  2. Suspected this from his first issue. The whole concept of Doc Green is very similar to the Maestro. Did anyone notice in Duggan’s first issue that the objects in the room from the future looked like the ones in Future imperfect?

  3. Actually looking back at that issue something else might be going on. Kang’s trophy room from the far future also has a statue of the Maestro. He has gone ahead in time.Maybe the Maestro will appear from the future. Maybe what he is doing trying to prevent himself actually from becoming the Maestro and this is what the plan is really about. Also notice this is a dream. It could be what he fears of becoming. On the other hand getting rid of other gamma radiated creatures would seem like a logical step if he wants to become him. It would be hard to see how that helps prevent that future from happening. More information is needed to know what to think.

    1. Well, the scene in the preview is supposed to be one of Doc Green’s visions/dreams. And if Kang’s Trophy Room is any indication, I’d say it was the Maestro who was responsible for filling it up with all those trophies. Perhaps Doc Green/616-Maestro defeated and imprisoned/time-froze another version of the Maestro and also allied himself with or possibly dispatched Kang the Conqueror and has taken over? There’s a lot to speculate upon.

      What I’m interested in finding out is this: Is Doc Green trying to prevent the Maestro from emerging and slaughtering the entire Marvel Universe, or is he intent on embracing this darker side and truly be free?

  4. Hulk going evil. Very cool art. Looks like Kitty is going to remove the Extremis and I do not like that. Hopefully he retains the benefits of it. Please….

  5. Maybe it wasn’t Maestro who defeated all those heroes by himself. Maybe it was Doc Green/Maestro with the help of the other Hulks that killed them all. Or maybe it was the Maestro with the help of the other Hulks so Doc Green is trying to prevent it from happening by depowering the other Hulks. Whatever the reason this Omega Hulk Story is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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