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Hulk Softs (2014)

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My daughter calls her stuffed animals “softs” and I think it’s absolutely brilliant so I am stealing it.  These two Hulk softs were released a while ago and actually featured on the last video I did – but I realized I never posted them on the site.  The soft above is the better of the two, IMO, because I love the cartoony look of him.  Of course, when they were released they were $29.99 and I absolutely refused to pay $30 for these stuffed Hulks.  Actually, the one below I wasn’t going to bother even picking up because I wasn’t a fan of the more realistic look of it.  Then, what I call “The Great Purge” happened at Toys R Us and Target where they put everything on clearance to make space for the Christmas merchandise.  This happens every year, of course, but this year I actually had items to pick up!  Each of these softs only cost me about $6.00.  They are sort of cool too with the sound effects when you shake the hell out of them.

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Hulk vs Thanos… The Prequel


I think I found out the reason the two are going to battle.  It’s because of this sick burn that Thanos laid down in the midst of Infinity War.