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Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Battlers (2014)

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This cartoon (helmed by Loeb) was a disaster from the start (not a shock).  But let’s be really honest – this cartoon was certainly not made for us adult collectors.  This was not Avengers… or the many superior DC animated films that come out.  Of course a weekly series is not the same as an animated film, so maybe not the best comparison but it still rings true that Marvel seems to be dropping the ball when it comes to the animated series.  It did have it’s merits though – like I’ve said many times – my daughter LOVED this series and it made me so happy to watch it with her… even though I cringed my way through a lot of the episodes.  All of that being said it should be no wonder or a shock to anyone that the series was axed.  Not before a new slew of toys was released into retail.  Let’s take a look at a few of them here.

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Toys R Us took the hit on being the exclusive holders to releasing the battlers based on this cartoon.  They released them at the same time they were having their huge clearance sale, and in a turn of good fortune, I was buying the Hulk Battler at a time when they were charging clearance prices.  So all three of these guys were able to be procured for less than $5.  Totally worth it when I only pay $1.27 for a Red Hulk.  Now either the glitch was fixed or they went back to regular prices but they are a steep $13.99.  That’s about $12.00 too much for a Red Hulk or Skaar figure.

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These figures being Battlers have a signature move – the Red Hulk has the weak move of just moving his over-sized guns up – but the Hulk’s is the best with his arms swinging and fists ready to land a few gems!  Skaar’s figure is actually pretty bad ass with his large sword – but over all, the only one to seek out in this trio is the Hulk.  Keep in mind, this is part of a game that your humble narrator doesn’t know how and will never play – so this review is based solely on aesthetics.  Grade: C- (on all three)