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465 For the Win!


Nice job 465 for knowing the answer to this Guess That Panel.  I now know that I was delirious in thinking that this would be an easy stump.  Nice job Gamma Bro!  Ratchet: 0 – You Guys: 1  and so it begins!  See the answer below.


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Hulk #9 (2014) – The Review


Tell all of your friends, tell anyone you can, if they have ever read and enjoyed the Hulk then they should give the book another try because it’s just plain awesome.  One of the things I try to gauge when reading an issue is am I looking forward to the next issue and Duggan serves that feeling up in spades.  No matter any plot holes that there may be it’s easy to look past them and focus on the pure energy and entertainment of these issues.  Duggan is kicking serious ass on this series and no one should be missing out.  Just like Planet Hulk, I think this will go down in Hulk history as fun must-read!  Let’s get into the good stuff, shall we?  As always, spoilers abound – so stop reading if you don’t want to be in the know.

Hulk #9
W: Duggan
A: Bagley

Doc Green comes banging on Kitty Pryde’s door. He needs her to do the impossible. Take out the Extremis that Stark put in there to save Banner.  Kitty takes on this task with a lot of humor and succeeds in pulling out the mass.  This sets off a massive bleed in Hulk’s brain, excruciating as it is though, Hulk survives it and thanks the girls.  He leaves with another funny moment and we go back to Doc Green’s lab.  He needs some rest.  As we all know though, this isn’t going to be easy as every time Doc goes to sleep Banner takes over.


Sure enough Banner, doing his best Travis Bickle, starts to try and figure things out – including how to escape the lab.  Doc has thought of everything though, and has the A.I. explaining that it’s best he let Doc Green take back the reigns.  When Banner refuses Doc drops the news that if he doesn’t he will kill Betty Banner.  Bombs are hidden in her house and he will detonate them.  Banner concedes and Doc is back.  We learn that he isn’t the kind of Hulk who bluffs as the bombs detonations are paused.

Doc’s dreams are little psychotic snippets of a future filled with super-hero parts, bloodied and beaten, lain all over.  We even see a scared Rick Jones questioning the motives.  There isn’t any.  I horrific look into the future where Maestro is taking over the Hulk.  Only, what should have scared the pants off of Doc Green only makes him more curious… and of course makes him want to grow a beard.  Holy crap.


This is a quick read – one of the more sedated issues with no real action going on but still a lot is happening.  It’s a ride and a half and Duggan is taking this Doc Green right to the edge.  While you’re excited that this incarnation is taking care of business and making the gamma-family disappear (thank goodness) he’s also definitely not a hero.  He is terrifying and doesn’t seem to want to reason or debate his motives.  He will succeed in what his mission is and no one will sway him from that.  Grade: A+  Go buy this book!