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Thanos vs. Hulk #1 (2014) – The Review


This will be sort of a quick review, mainly because not much really happens in the issue – so there’s not much to talk about – but the issue has finally hit the stands!  If you haven’t gotten it yet it should still be littering the stands.  Head out and grab it… I’ll wait…

Alright, here we go:

Thanos vs Hulk #1
W/A: Jim Starlin

We have to head back about a year or so when Waid was writing the Hulk.  Yes, this was probably written at a time when Waid was still on the book – but maybe not.  Maybe it’s just a bad coincidence.  It does feel strange though, being thrust back into a time, which wasn’t that long ago, where the Hulk was being written as a weapon the SHIELD used.  It’s mostly strange because a lot of readers have expressed their distaste for this time story line so the fact that they head back to it so quickly is a little jarring.  Stark comes looking for Banner and Hill tells him that he’s out.  They see Pip the Troll take Banner away and now SHIELD doesn’t know how to get him back.

Pip hands the Hulk overt to Blastaar and trades him for a cobalt girlfriend… but then feels bad about his actions and looks to right the wrong… but most of the Infinity Watch is either wrong for the job – or dead – so of course he heads to talk with Thanos.  He tricks Thanos into looking into what Blastaar and, actually, Annihilus, could use the Hulk for.  Meanwhile, the Hulk and Banner are in their shared subconscious and have an unexpected visitor.


It’s interesting enough, the start to this mini, but not enough action for my taste.  Banner and Hulk were taken away way too easily if you ask me.  As soon as Banner Hulks out a mind inhibitor is able to subdue him.  While it’s not an outrageous assumption it just seems way too easy.  I was sort of hoping for an untold tale from the Infinity Gauntlet or Infinity War – instead we are given a side tale from recent history.  I think it starts off decently – but it’s not the bang I was hoping to have it begin with.  Grade: B-