A Week of Rocket Raccoon – Day 2

I’m going to have to catch up here at some point – I missed Monday’s post.  So it’s supposed to be day 3 and I am still a day behind.  Anyways, Funko has a line of Marvel inspired tiny bobbleheads.  It’s as frustrating to me as it is to you, I’m sure.  Because of theContinue reading “A Week of Rocket Raccoon – Day 2”

Hallmark Hulk Ornament (2014)

I have to say I’ve been disappointed with the selection that Hallmark had given us these past few years as far as the superhero ornaments go.  I was fond of the Hulk #181 recreation ornament – but thought Hulk deserved his own seeing as the last one they offered was in the 90’s I thinkContinue reading “Hallmark Hulk Ornament (2014)”