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Have a Hulky Christmas!


Hope you guys have a blast this Christmas!  Make sure to check back tomorrow – I will finish out the week with a special “blast from the past” post.

Week of Rocket Raccoon – Day 3

season '14 057

season '14 058

I think I figured this out!  I will post this on Christmas day (which I originally decided I wasn’t going to post on this day) but I will do this – and a Christmas wish – and than finish the week tomorrow!  So here is the Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon figure that people had a hard time finding when the Guardians of the Galaxy wave hit the shelves.  I thought it was decent enough – but I was more impressed with the Groot Build a Figure.  It made me have to get the rest of the pieces to complete the whole figure!

season '14 059

season '14 060