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Mego Hulk! All the Carded Versions!

season '14 009

What you will see is the collection of the classic Mego Hulks in all their glory.  I have been able to amass all the carded versions that this classic toy was released on.  Next up is getting all the 12 inch versions (I just need one more) and then onto the Pocket Heroes.  But, there is something extra special about the 8″ Mego Hulk – and all the cards that he was released on.  The one piece I am missing from this amazing figure collection is the Mego boxed version.  A quick search on eBay and you will see that there are more reproductions available than there are actual original boxes – so they don’t come cheap if you want the real thing.

season '14 011

Another thing to note, before we delve into each carded figure, is that the Hulks in this collection are complete and 100% in tact.  That in itself is a huge deal – you see, the Mego Hulk’s have a tendency to lose limbs due to the pin that holds the joints together falls out.  Even a figure, never touched, still in sealed package, can lose a leg or arm.  I have friends telling me that it’s an inevitability that you can’t avoid – it will happen sooner or later to all the Hulk figures – but I am still hopeful they they are wrong.  But another quick scan of eBay and you will discover that, yes, in fact there are quite a few Hulk figures that are without a limb or two.  Even my loose figure came with a replacement screw…

season '14 010

season '14 005

The first card released was in 1975-1978 and featured rough drawings of the Marvel crew including Cap, Spidey, The Invisible Woman, Thor and Mr. Fantastic.  The easiest to note the difference in appearance of the two Mego cards is Thor.  On the back you will see the famous Sal Buscema Hulk.  My punched card has a little damage at the top but the figure is completely mint.  The rarity/availability of this card is an easy 3/10.  While it is harder to find it’s not impossible by any means.

season '14 006

Next up is the 1979 Mego Hulk card.  My unpunched card is absolutely beautiful and you can see that the hero images on the card have been replaced with cleaner, brighter, more friendly versions of their former selves.

season '14 007

This card is the easiest to find of the bunch – but combined with trying to get an undamaged, without the seal broken, and the Hulk in pieces this one can still be a tougher find than you might think.  Rarity/availability on this one gets a 1/10.  You might also note that the image of the Hulk on the back has been changed (and the only one to change, I might add).

season '14 008

Get ready to start plunking down some major cash for these next two.  First up, the Canadian Parkdale Novelty card – my favorite of the bunch!

season '14 001

This card features the Buscema Hulk we saw earlier on the back of the 1975-78 card.  You might also remember this guy from some of the corner boxes in the earlier 200’s of the Incredible Hulk.  This card (also featuring a swinging Spidey) has a second variant (sort of).  If you look here you will notice that the card featured doesn’t have the white sticker on the bottom like mine does.  With how infrequently I see this card pop up on eBay – and the price attached to it – I didn’t think both variations were needed to complete the set.  Others may argue otherwise but truthfully, it’s all about how you, the collector, feels about it.  Personally, I am just happy to have snagged such a nice example for myself.  Rarity/availability for this card is 8/10.  Happy hunting!

season '14 002

Lastly, we have the Palitoy Card from the UK.  The overseas version is absolutely beautiful – and the best part of the fact that Hulk takes center stage – not having to share the spotlight with any other character!

season '14 003

This card is strictly Hulk-tastic!  Palitoy issued Mego figures overseas and gave the most recognizable heroes their own unique cards – known as Green Cards – the Hulk initially didn’t make the cut but after the 80’s television show hit big the Hulk found himself getting his own UK card.  Not green, like most of the Palitoy Super Hero cards were, Hulk was most likely not lumped in with the Super Hero line – but a series onto himself.  This is most apparent with the graphics at the top not being the same as the rest of the “green card” line.  Rarity/availability on this guy is a little tricky.  It doesn’t pop up on eBay all that often – but if you are a Mego enthusiast you’ve seen this version quite often being traded and sold between collectors.  It is an easy 6/10.

season '14 004

If you’re interested – I posted about the above Hulk figure before on this blog right here – you should read and enjoy!  The comments below are also extremely interesting as it’s pointed out that the back image is a Jim Starlin illustration but they replaced the original  head with a John Romita Sr drawing.

season '14 013

Whatever your pleasure – where ever your collecting heart lies, be it with comics or figures – or the vintage stuff, there is no denying that the charm of the toys from yesteryear can never be replaced.  Happy Holidays everyone!  Hope it was a fantastic day!

Have a Hulky Christmas!


Hope you guys have a blast this Christmas!  Make sure to check back tomorrow – I will finish out the week with a special “blast from the past” post.

Week of Rocket Raccoon – Day 3

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season '14 058

I think I figured this out!  I will post this on Christmas day (which I originally decided I wasn’t going to post on this day) but I will do this – and a Christmas wish – and than finish the week tomorrow!  So here is the Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon figure that people had a hard time finding when the Guardians of the Galaxy wave hit the shelves.  I thought it was decent enough – but I was more impressed with the Groot Build a Figure.  It made me have to get the rest of the pieces to complete the whole figure!

season '14 059

season '14 060

A Week of Rocket Raccoon – Day 2

season '14 062

I’m going to have to catch up here at some point – I missed Monday’s post.  So it’s supposed to be day 3 and I am still a day behind.  Anyways, Funko has a line of Marvel inspired tiny bobbleheads.  It’s as frustrating to me as it is to you, I’m sure.  Because of the deal with Mighty Muggs Funko could not make these little figurines they way they did with the Turtles, horror and Sci-Fi line.  I was bummed that they were little bobbleheads – but it’s better this way, I think.  I didn’t have to go crazy getting them all.  I just got the ones I liked – like Rocket… and his friend Groot from the Guardians line.

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Hallmark Hulk Ornament (2014)

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I have to say I’ve been disappointed with the selection that Hallmark had given us these past few years as far as the superhero ornaments go.  I was fond of the Hulk #181 recreation ornament – but thought Hulk deserved his own seeing as the last one they offered was in the 90’s I think and, while it is a classic now, it doesn’t really represent the Hulk at his ferocious best.

season '14 022

season '14 021

Thank goodness Hallmark finally came to their senses and released a new Hulk ornament with sound effects and all!  This is a cool piece to add to your Christmas tree that has the right amount of fierceness displayed.  The “Hulk Smash!” that growls from it’s little speaker box is a welcome addition to make any Hulk fan’s holiday a little brighter!  Thank you Hallmark for a welcome addition to the Hulk ornaments on the tree!

season '14 014

Also, while you’re at Hallmark you mine as well pick up the Itty Bitty they are offering.  It is a tiny plush Hulk that has a bottom filled with beads to help it stay upright.  Anyway you slice it – a trip to the Hallmark store added a little green to any Hulk fan’s season!

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A Week of Rocket Raccoon! Part 1

season '14 056

I was planning this little event to coincide with the DVD release of the Guardians of the Galaxy – but that didn’t really work out.  especially since it was such a pain to get the DVD version I wanted – more on that later – but the first little Rocket piece I have for you is the little Lego version.  This isn’t the figure that comes with the whole huge set – this was a giveaway that also featured a tiny little Groot in his own planter.  Of and course, his huge ass gun!

season '14 055

Kawaii Hulk Ornament (2014)

hulk wwwww 035

Tis the season and all!  The remaining Hulk posts this week will most likely show off all the Hulky Christmas swag that you can snag yourself this holiday!  Starting off with this little chubby rendition right here, the Hulk stands about 4 or 5 inches and has the same look to him that all the Kawaii products do.  To tell you the truth – I am happy my sister picked this up for me, it’s a pretty original piece, but I am not all that sure I would have bought it if I saw it on the pegs.

hulk wwwww 036

I know that there are huge fans of this line out there and I do have a few items myself – but I don’t get excited upon hearing about a new release from this company.  My daughter on the other hand, begged me to buy the Captain America one that we saw at TRU to match my Hulk on the tree.

hulk wwwww 037