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Super Hero Adventures Hulk Jumper Pack (2014)

hulk wwwww 038

I know when I was younger and I collected Masters of the Universe I was more excited to get the villains then I was to get heroes.  The reason being is that my Mother always bought the heroes for me – since they always looked nicer.  I mean that she THOUGHT they looked like nicer toys to play with.  I used to beg her to pick me up a Beast Man, Skunkor, I would have even settled for an Evil-Lyn.  Let’s be honest – as much as you root for the good guys a lot of the time they truly don’t have a purpose when there isn’t a bad guy to square them off against.

hulk wwwww 039

That’s why I was so excited to see that they Playskool Heroes finally decided to release the Abomination (even a small one stuck in a car) to battle against the Hulk.  Every hero deserves a villain to match wits or strength against.  It’s what makes them so fun to read.  Who would Sherlock be without his Moriarty?  Kudos to Playskool for this move – now give us a Leader!

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