Hulk #10 (2015) – The Review


Hulk #10
W: Duggan
A: Bagley

When the Red Hulk came on the scene, in the premiere issue in fact, we lost one of the oldest Hulk villains that there ever was.  The Abomination met an untimely end, riddled with bullets from Ross’s over-sized gun.  The biggest chasm that the death left was the Hulk not having a foe that can’t have a strength vs strength bloody beat down battle.  The Red Hulk was there to fill that gap in a way – but his immediate mishandling really destroyed that idea.  Loeb’s weak grasp of Hulk lore lead to even weaker battles between the two Hulks.  A confused idea of how the Red Hulk’s powers are handled led readers down an unsure road of which Hulk was the bigger powerhouse – when Abomination always was the stronger of the two monsters – until the Hulk grew stronger.  Even the final Hulk/Red Hulk fight where the Hulk beat the Red Hulk with a thunder clap was a baffling and ultimately dissatisfying finale.

With Duggan taking over the mantle and we already seeing the new and meaner Hulk take down other gamma monsters I knew we’d be in for a treat when the Red Hulk made his appearance.  I mean, we have almost an entire issue of the two Hulk’s beating each other bloody – even after we learn that Doc Green is holding back – the battle becomes so much better!  This is what the Red Hulk should have been created for – a new villain that could really lay into the Hulk and give him a run for his money.  We are even left with the knowledge that this was just round one between the two as the Red Hulk is left being dropped into a volcano.


Next up, from the cover image, is the de-powering of Lyra.  We will see how that goes.  I do see one issue here that I thought I’d bring up now.  How is it that the gamma serum can’t de-power Bruce – so shouldn’t it also not be able to de-power his children?  They weren’t just dosed with a more gamma like Rick Jones, Betty and her Dad were – these are beings who were created from Bruce’s DNA.  Maybe Duggan with address this – but I also think that explanation might not be coming.  I had this thought with the end of this issue with the She Hulk being warned of Doc Green coming – but her affliction came straight from Bruce’s blood!  If the cure doesn’t work from him – it certainly shouldn’t be able to effect her!  But I guess we’ll see…

Bagley’s art continues to impress and the book is better than it has been in years.  Tell your friends to pick up the Hulk – tell your grandmother!  Tell everyone!  We need to let people know that the Hulk is worthy again!  Hulk fans had to suffer through the Loeb years with high sales, further infuriating true readers, there is no reason that this series shouldn’t be in the top ten every month!  Grade: A

7 responses to “Hulk #10 (2015) – The Review

  1. This is a Great Run ! Though yeah, why does the cure not work on Hulk ? He could be lying.

    Red Hulk, though I never liked him, was done right. Quite a departure from the murderous being who killed the Defenders and all under Loeb though. Doc Green is the sinister one while Red seems kind of funny with his ‘own plan’ to eliminate Hulks. The chop sticks in the ears from.DD were a nice touch. And I like the respect both beasts have for him.

    I want to check out House of Nanking

    His brief conversation with Daredevil was cool.

    Very funny dialogue all around with Hulk vs Ross.

    Love the art and lettering.

    Funny how Ross gets dumped into a volcano and how he reacts to Doc Greens tactics. Can’t wait til Doc gets the beard on, goes Maestro, and rips Ross ‘limb from limb’. Please !

    Just enjoyable entertainment all around from this book. The whole creative team seems to capture the essence of every character they are portraying in a very intelligent and consistent fashion.

  2. Also this gamma spectrometer deal. I thought red she hulk and Ross were the same with their powers. Why have to scan him. Just an excuse to keep him around. Whatever.

    Red is a ripoff of Hellboy in design.

    On the positive end Duggan, Bagley and all have made this comic ultra fun with the characters given to them.

    • Glad you mentioned that LoganBlue.That seemed odd. For some reason Doc Green must need data on gamma/cosmic ray hybrids. Why did he not get that data from Betty sinces he herself is also one? One possibility is he did not know till recently he would need that information.

      Which brings one to the question of why he needs this information now? Was it just a excuse to keep him around. Maybe,though I will admit this is a long shot,there is another character that is a gamma/cosmic hybrid whom we have not been told. Another possibility is that maybe Doc Green wants to give himself some of the cosmic ray power to make himself stronger.

      Anybody have any ideas?

  3. Reasons for the DNA issue.
    He is lying, it wold work on him, which we are learning is not above Doc Green.
    Also, it could have something to do with the extra code lcensern was referring to.
    Simple one is the nanobots aren’t curing they are suppressing the transformations.

  4. Ratchet,you read the Thunderbolts Ross series. What happened to Red Leader? Being super smart he would be very hard to take down.Maybe Doc Green needed the data for him. Also maybe Lectunstern is a relative of Samuel Sterns aka the Leader. Has anyone wondered that?

    • Yeah Zeno. That would be a very interesting version of why Ross is so special to Hulk’s science.

      Maybe Hulk would want to power himself up with that knowledge ?

      That would be interesting.

      This creative team is great. So far. Hopefully they can pull through and give us enjoyment and results on a consistent basis from this story arc.

  5. LectunSTERN…..cant believe I didnt see that one. Surely it must be a Leader or Madman connection.

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