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Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk Figure (2015)

birds seals and hulk 037

I couldn’t believe my luck as I walked into a local shop where there was the new AoU figures!  They aren’t the “official” release ones – the figures I saw are the cheaper, more kid friendly, versions.  I was still excited to snag a Hulk or two.  They seemed to have really cut down on everything though as the blister card is smaller than any other releases thus far including MU, Marvel Infinite Series, Avengers and Avengers Assemble, even the dollar shop Marvel figures were on larger cards than these figures are on.

birds seals and hulk 038

birds seals and hulk 040

That’s not all that’s smaller – the figure is smaller!  I am putting him against the dollar shop Hulk and he is tiny in comparison!  A better sculpt though, reminiscent of the SS Avengers Hulk PF where you can see the veins and even separately sculpted teeth!  The colors really pop too – the lighter green is a decent choice.

birds seals and hulk 044

birds seals and hulk 045

The paint application is not so great.  I get it – these are the “cheap seats” figures – but the lazy eye look is always a bit off putting.  The figure is too skinny, IMO, and of course, this being a movie figure he is decked out in blue pants rather than purple.  It’s better than the tan pants though!  This being the less expensive Hulk we also get very limited articulation (5 points) so you’re pretty restricted with what poses this figures offer. Overall, I do still like this figure and think it’s certainly worth the $6.  Grade: B-

birds seals and hulk 047