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Thanos vs The Hulk #2 (2015) – The Review


The second installment was released a few weeks ago to this mini series and while I appreciate seeing my favorite character facing off against the biggest bad in the Marvel U – this series is seemingly going no where pretty fast.  Let’s get into it, shall we?

Thanos vs Hulk #2 (2015)
W/A: Jim Starlin

This issue has plenty of back and forth blows between Thanos and the Green Goliath – but it’s technically not a real fight.  It takes place, we are led to believe, in a computerized containment center, of sorts.  We are waiting to hear what Annihilus is planning to do with the Hulk – but we’ll have to wait even longer because there is nothing to let us know what it is exactly – just that it is going to be big.  Huge in fact.  I mean Annihilus says that the “limitations of the flesh are about to be surmounted.”  Which doesn’t sound good…


Thanos does make short work of Hulk in the beginning – but when Banner combines his brains with the Hulk’s strength Thanos gets blasted back.  Amazingly, a decent battle is brewing when Annihilus buts in and threatens Thanos – which he balks at – but still decides to leave and not engage the ruler of the negative zone.

Meanwhile, Pip the Troll is still, as usual, a wild card who is now feeling bad about turning over the Hulk to Annihilus.  What is going to happen?  Who knows – a lot of stuff happened in this issue while at the same time – nothing really happened.  It’s crazy, right?  With an action packed issue like this you’d expect the story to really move along – but it doesn’t.  Jim Starlin does do a fantastic job in the art department though – and while the story, in the second issue, is moving along at a snail’s pace, it is pretty to look at!  Grade: C+