Aaron Lopresti World War Hulk Commission (2012)


I just looked through my site and have found that I have perpetrated a huge travesty.  A few years back I was so excited that Aaron Lopresti was gracing us with his presence at the Boston Comic Con – a man who shared the penciling responsibility with Carlo Pagulayah for Planet Hulk!  I, of course, was thinking about getting a piece from him – and was Aaron and George Perez – those were the two big “gets” of the BCC for me that year.  Well, lucky for me Aaron accepted commissions early to be picked up at the Con.  I was hoping to strike up a conversation but the man was concentrating on something else / not very friendly / not interested in talking that day.  I don’t mean to say he’s ALWAYS this way – and his somewhat dismissal of me wasn’t totally rude or anything but it wasn’t great either.  I introduced myself, he said hello, I told him that I commissioned him, he asked what I wanted.  I reminded him and he went through his folder and pulled out my piece.  He handed it to me and asked for payment.  I handed it to him and started to gush over the piece.  He said thank you without looking up from what he was busy doing.  I stood there awkwardly for a moment and then walked away.

Like I said, he might have been busy so I decided not to take offense.  But the piece I walked away with is beautiful and I can’t help but focus on the fact that I left the con with an amazing Planet Hulk illustration.

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3 thoughts on “Aaron Lopresti World War Hulk Commission (2012)

  1. I had the same experience at my first and only con in 2012. I took my two girls with me. I wanted to give them something to do so I bought a Punisher Book and had them take it around to different Punisher artist and writers to sign. Greg Rucka, Mark Texiera, Jimmy Pamiotti where all vey nice toward my girls. They was having a great time. I taked briefly with a couple of creators and everyone seem to really down to earth. I really never enjoyed his writing but I went ahead and had the girls take the book over to Jason Aaron. He wasn’t busy just sitting there. He looked at the book and with a smart remark looked at it and says I didn’t have anything to do with this issue. He signed and handed it back and just came across very rude. My little girl tried to say something to him and he just ignored her. I will go on to say and that his personality matches his writing. It sucks!!! lol Anways just thought I would share.

  2. That’s too bad. I think Aaron is hit or miss. I had a pretty terrible encounter with Mike Mignola – one that turned me off of his books forever. He was really rude and short with me in a way that was totally uncalled for. It’s too bad too – mainly because I only approach the artists that I admire. Interactions between fans and artists can truly have an impact on how you view them.

  3. Sorry you had a weird experience with Aaron. I bought a piece from him at a con in Portland and he even had me over to his house to pick it up, and we chatted for quite awhile. I guess he might have been having a stressful day when you met him perhaps – he was really nice to me.

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