Guess That Panel!

CCF01152015_0001 - Copy

I am not one to let a few losses shake me down – so here it is – another round of Guess That Panel with one that I think might actually stump you guys… man, will this be embarrassing if the someone gets it in the first hour that I post it.  But, as always, the Issue and # – GO!

4 responses to “Guess That Panel!

  1. I feel like I recognize it and it’s right on the tip of my brain, but without doing some research, I’ll have to admit I’m stumped.

  2. Same here. Can’t place it. Maybe a Defenders reference or maybe a flashback to the High Evolutionary requesting the Hulk to destroy his armor or something. Got to admit, I’m stumped.

  3. reminds me of the Kubert issues around #450

  4. Get any more guesses in by Monday because the answer will be revealed then!

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