Avengers: AOU – Gamma Grip Fists (2015)

Antone 1 old 034

Since the original 2003 release of the Hulk Hands there has been a steep decline in quality.  The originals were so brilliantly conceived and sold so well that they keep trying to capture that lightning in a bottle craze while at the same time cutting costs and charging us more.  At least this time around they’ve decided to give us a little something different.  No more are they clenched fists of rage – they are slightly closed hands… of rage!

Antone 1 old 035

They are called Gamma Grip Fists and while it is nice to see something new I was hoping to see a return to the original size – huge massive hands that even adults can enjoy!  Oh well, Hasbro strikes again with their cost cutting measures and has released a product that will be not as great and not as gang busters as the originals were.

Antone 1 old 036


3 responses to “Avengers: AOU – Gamma Grip Fists (2015)

  1. Well the Hulk did “shrink” seven fee from the 03 movie.

  2. They went from Hulk Hands to Shrek Hands – very disappointing…!

  3. monika Mlejnková

    Where I can buy it? I need it as a gift for Christmas, but in Czech I can arrange it 😦 could you help me? Thanks a lot!

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