Avengers: Age of Ultron HulkBuster Smash Lego Set (2015)

lego 001

lego 002

I know it’s been a while, guys, but hey, I am still here!  More and more merchandise is hitting the shelves and even though we stumbled with the first releases (the cheaper figures) we are saved with the next round of toys – LEGOS!  How can anyone deny the power of Legos?  They continue being the coolest and most fun building sets available on the open market!  And how can you go wrong these days?  It seems like they have every license under the sun – and they make multiple sets for every license!  Finally, though, they have released a set with the Hulk that doesn’t break the bank.  It just happens to be the best one too!

lego 003

It's just a flesh wound!

It’s just a flesh wound!

The Hulkbuster Iron Man!  Yes, finally a set of Hulk Legos that kick ass in every way possible!  It comes with an Iron Man to fit in the Hulkbuster Iron Man – not to mention a great Scarlet Witch and Ultron Prime figures!  The Hulkbuster armor can move in every way possible to make this set really fun with the poses that you can manage.

Halfway there!

Halfway there!

lego 007

lego 008

I also enjoy that they don’t just include the Hulk and Iron Man and that’s it – there is a little set that includes a containment unit for the Hulk.  Overall, This is a must have set for Hulk collectors – but make sure you break them out of the box and put them together – Legos should never stay in the box!

lego 012

lego 013


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