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Age of Ultron: Burglary at Hydra Fortress Set (2015)

lego 014

lego 015

The other set on the shelves that is on the pricier side is the Hydra Fortress Set.  This set not only comes with more figures but a very cool place that holds the staff of Loki! It comes with Quicksilver – although a different one then we saw in Days of Future Past – but damn, I hope he’s just as entertaining! – and a Captain America, a Hydra Henchmen and of course the Hulk!  Also we have Barron Von Strucker.

lego 016

Some people say that these sets give away spoilers on what’s going to happen in the movie – but I don’t think it does.  It gives away as much as the Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakout did – which wasn’t very much.  But, hey, I’m just glad to get another Lego Hulk – the new ones look very cool!  They have a more stylish hair do – but also the AOU Hulk pants.

lego 017

The one thing That bothers and sort of shocks me is that the top of the castle did not fit snuggly into the base – and then as I continued to build it was stressing the entire thing.  I really was shocked because every other set I have ever gotten never had an issue like this – is anyone else having this problem out there?  Again, I just stuck it on the top – as you can see from one of the pictures above – but it certainly doesn’t fit together correctly.

lego 019

I think that’s the thing that intrigues me the most… what’s up with the new pants?  I can’t wait to see this movie and these sets only makes it harder to wait for May!  Did anyone else out there pick up this set?  How about the Hulkbuster set?  Which one did you guys like better?  Let me know!