Which do You Prefer?


The Trimpe original or the Romita clean-up?  And why?

I prefer the original – but I don’t condem the people who like the published product.

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15 thoughts on “Which do You Prefer?

  1. I like the Romita better because Hulks head looks more normal and fills in a bigger space of Hulks head than Trimpe. Regardless, I just love, love, love Trimpe art work on the Hulk. By the way Ratchet did you pick up that huge talking Hulk fig and Avengers figuring set with a NEW Hulk fig from the Disney store?

  2. Nope ……so sorry. But I figure I give you the heads up just in case you didn’t know ( we hulksters look out for each other). I picked up the items mention above on Friday.

    1. BTW, I like both covers, but give a slight edge to the Romita, just because it’s flushed out a bit more in the background, and I agree the head looks better.

  3. @Jeff- I picked up the talking large Hulk fig at a Disney store In Miami international mall which is in Florida Miami-Dade county. They had other cool Hulk stuff with Avengers that I did not pick up.

    1. Thanks for the info. We don’t have Disney stores in my city anymore; the closest one is about an hour away. I was curious about the talking Hulk, because I saw one on the web the other week that said it was a Disney exclusive, but when I checked the Disney store website, it’s not available. I checked the Disney store site in the UK, and it is available there, but they don’t ship to the US. I may have to make a road trip to see if I can find the talking Hulk.

      Ratchet, here’s a link to the new PVC set: http://www.disneystore.com/the-avengers-figure-play-set/mp/1372559/1000262/. @hulk465, is this the set you picked up? I really like the look of the Hulk in the set pictured. I thought I had bought a loose one from a seller on the web (not ebay), but the figure they sent me was from the previous set, which I already had, so a bit miffed about that.

  4. @Jeff- YUP that’s the figuring set I picked up. That Hulk figurine is much bigger than the last one. As for the Talking Hulk fig It does not say “age of Ultron” on the box, but Hulk does say something like he smash metal man? That could mean Ultron or Hulkbuster?

  5. I like the Hulk in the PVC set… the closest Disney store to me is a 40+ minute ride – but it may be worth it!

  6. @Jeff you are awesome and yes that’s the talking Hulk I picked up. It’s much bigger than the titan hero tech Hulk. I never knew before Friday that they even had something like this out there. Which makes me wonder how much more stuff is out there that I don’t know about. (Ratchet- make that a double sorry from me for taking your post off- topic).

  7. No apology needed boys – Hulk fans talking to each other about Hulky goodness? That’s what this site is all about!

    By the way – that Hulk is awesome! I would really like to get my hands on one of those! The search is on!

  8. The original is better. The angle of Hulk’s head is far more dynamic and interesting, and implies that Hulk’s just twisted his head away in the nick of time. Plus, the extra detail in the background of the revised version just clouds the readability and impact of the image. I see the strength’s of Romita’s version, but it looks more static, and makes Hulk appear to be about to chomp on Wolverine’s arm.

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