Hulk Body Knockers (2015)

Antone 1 old 007

I have no real love for bobble heads – but I pretty much have every Hulk bobble head they’ve released.  I thought this was another one of those bobble heads and it was an easy pass – but that’s not the case, really.  These are different – but still sort of the same.  Keep in mind, I don’t have one that I’ve opened up, just the one in the package that you see here, so I only know what you can tell by looking at it and from what the package says – but apparently, with the help of solar power, this Hulk will dance the day away.  I am pretty sure the Hulk himself would get a kick out of seeing himself sway and bob so this little piece is pretty fun.  Perefect for the dashboard of your car!

Antone 1 old 008


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