Can Heads Smash Down Hulk (2015)

birdandhulkandtone 106

As more and more companies are getting the Marvel license we are treated to merchandise that you’d never thought possible.  Here we have one of (and the best, I might add) new “Can Heads” being brought to us by Play-Doh.  For years Hulk fans shouted the mantra “Hulk Smash” and now that iconic phrase adorns so many different pieces.  It’s truly a new and fantastic age of Superheroes.  This here is the Hulk and Iron Man set where Hulk can finally smash something that isn’t actually going to be destroyed – Play-Doh!

birdandhulkandtone 107

Fun story – I bought this set for my son and opened up the first can.  He immediately scraped some green stuff out and ate it.  No lie – he straight up didn’t even hesitate – just popped it into his mouth and and swallowed.

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