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Hulk #12 & 13 (2015) – The Review


Duggan finally did it – he made me NOT look forward to the next issue of his spectacular run thus far.  He put Deadpool in the book!  I’ll admit it though, Deadpool wasn’t all that bad – he did link it in so that it made sense to have him there AND he handled the one issue every Hulk reader has been asking about since the beginning of the Omega story line: Is Hulk really going to de-power the original and great Sensational She Hulk?

Hulk #12 & 13
W: Duggan
A: Bagley

Before we begin the actual review I am going to give a huge shout-out to Bagley for finally bringing back some artistic consistency to the Hulk title.  Not only does the cover art mirror the illustrations inside – the cover actually gives a snapshot of what happens!  This probably isn’t the biggest deal to many – but to me it really affects the overall reading experience.  So, thank you, Mr. Bagley, for not only providing some spectacular artwork to marvel at but also for providing the constant that the Hulk has been lacking in the past few years.

Here is the biggest hurdle in destroying the gamma-beings that litter the Marvel U: we actually LIKE some of them!  We want some of them to exist and to continue to be around!  This includes the original She Hulk;  Jen Walters is a bad-ass!  Not to mention, she has a long and fantastic run in the Marvel U as an Avenger and part of the Fantastic Four!  Wait, are we still allowed to mention the FF on a blog about Marvel?  Anyways, let’s not forget about the great gamma powered villains that we need – such as the Leader!  Sure, the last we saw him he was red – but I don’t want a Hulk universe without the Leader in it!  If my choice is a red Leader or none at all – I would crow “Give me red all day long!”  Thankfully, Duggan has written a clever way out of that debacle.


The rogue AI that Doc Green has created and then lost control of?  Well, it knows every step the Doctor is going to make – and while that’s scary enough – it has teamed up with the Leader.  When Greenie shows up to “cure” the Leader – after a quick battle and an even quicker injection – he leaves thinking ‘job done’.  It’s both true and not… while the cure does exactly what it’s supposed to and Sterns is reverted back to his vulnerable and of average intellect human self the change only lasts a minute as he begins to become the familiar hue of emerald.  The AI converses with the lunatic who is all but enthusiastic to be his large-headed and green self.

This issue wouldn’t be perfect without setting up the battle royal that the good doctor is in store for in the next issue.  Deadpool locates Ross and points Doc Green in the direction for what has to be the most anticipated smack down of this entire event!  Are we finally going to see Red de-powered?  Will the Hulk finally be able to pull off the one thing that every Hulk fan has cried out for ever since the Loeb series proved itself to be a crap shoot of misfirings and ill-conceived plot devices.  Grade: A (for both)