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Eaglemoss Incredible Hulk Fact Files (2015)

groot birds and hulk 066

groot birds and hulk 067

These Eaglemoss pieces seem to get bigger and bigger!  The company that just released the chess pieces also released a large figure along with “fact files” which is a decent take on the magazines that they released with the lead figures.  Even though the lead figures are much smaller they are so much heavier!  Of course, that shouldn’t be surprising since the lead figure is… well, lead and this new figure is solid resin.

groot birds and hulk 068

Still hand painted and well sculpted we are served up a raging Hulk screaming with raw power!  The full color magazine contains the history of the Hulk up to recent times – which is awkward since there is quite a bit of recent stuff I’d like to forget.

groot birds and hulk 069

If there is one thing that keeps me loyal to a company it’s when release after release is full of quality and has a commanding presence.  Even the lead figure is small but is attention grabbing.  The best part is that these are affordable.  Usually ranging around the $30-$40 range these figures don’t break the bank!

groot birds and hulk 071