AOU: Large Talking Hulk (2015)

hulk and easter 079

I will begin this post with a warning – not every Disney Store is carrying these monsters!  I pass on this knowledge to all of you out there because in my early years of collecting I would have made the 50 mile trip to the closest Disney store only to find out that these toys are exclusive to Disney Outlet stores (that’s 40 miles from me in the opposite direction).  Luckily, I called first and was informed to call the outlet store – which I did.

hulk and easter 080

I was told by the Disney Outlet store that they had three talking Hulks left and that they would certainly hold one for me.  They closed the phone call by telling me to have a “magical day”.  You know, it kind of made me smile… so it sort of worked!  Thanks flamboyant Disney Store employee!

hulk and easter 082

This figure is massive!  Absolutely humongous and ginormous!  Added bonus, it talks!  It’s beginning to impress me with all these figures just how differently they are sculpted but still embody the Hulk.  This one reminds me of the art of Arthur Adams.  With a bit of Gamma-irradiated plaque:

hulk and easter 081

All in all, I tell you, some of the Hulk figures I could do without – but this is a great addition to any Hulk collection!  Easily one of the most impressive Hulk figures I’ve seen in a long while! Grade: A

4 responses to “AOU: Large Talking Hulk (2015)

  1. Gotta have this! I just got a Hot Toys Avengers Hulk- I’ m in Hulk heaven!!! Have you seen the new 7.00 Dollar General Hulk?

  2. The Disney Outlet store near me had two of these gigantic figures…I was soo tempted, but am trying not to be so impulsive.

    I’ll probably go back tomorrow….

  3. There is a 3 pack now with IM and Cap. I think the Hulk is the same but I haven’t looked at mine in a while so I can’t be certain. I saw the 3 pack while shopping this weekend.

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