Hulk Mug (2015)

hulk and easter 001

At this point I have lost count on how many Hulk mugs I own.  My favorites top out at the mugs actually shaped in the form of the Hulk’s head but I still have many, many others.  So many, in fact, that I decided that I wasn’t going to be picking up any new mugs.  Of course, I can’t help it if a friend comes to my house brandishing a brand new Hulk mug that he found at the store.

hulk and easter 002

Each side displays a different Hulk image.  One side is the Classic John Buscema image from the end of issue #111 of the Fantastic Four.  The other side of course, has gotten me stumped.  I know I have seen it a million times but I am drawing a blank on where it originates from.  Who out there wants to help me out?


4 responses to “Hulk Mug (2015)

  1. Hey Ryan-haven’t spoken to you in awhile-hope all is good-I’ve seen that illustration of the hulk since the 70’s always thought it was John Romta Sr. but I could be wrong-talk to ya soon-Mike

  2. I thought it was a Trimpe body with a Romita Sr. head pasted on.

  3. Hey Ratchet! Got a favor to ask…I see behind that mug that you’ve got a lot of paperback books/novels featuring the Hulk. Would you mind taking a picture of them and posting it to your site? I’ve got a few myself and want to compare notes. Thanks!

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