Hulk Figurines (2015)

hulk and easter 003

Two Hulk figurines are on the shelves right now exclusive to different stores.  Toys R Us has a 3 pack with Thor and Iron Man but also includes the Hulk you see above and right below.  I like it as he has small crumbling brick wall that he has just demolished.  Like he just lost a hand in Texas Hold’em where he was dealt pocket aces.  I also thinks he looks a bit like Ben Stein from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:

"Bueller?  Beuller?"
“Bueller? Beuller?”

hulk and easter 086

The other figurine is one of the better Hulk figurines as it is massive!  Compared to the other characters in the set, Iron Man, Vision, Ms Marvel, Cap and Ultron, Hulk is absolutely ginormous.  It’s worth the pick up just to get this Hulk so that you can have a whole shelf of smalls that look like this:

hulk and easter 089

hulk and easter 088

This Hulk is a classic looking piece with a decent sculpt and decent paint job.  I mean, I’m not going to say it’s perfect – but it’s what you’d expect to get in a multi-pack.  This set is available at the Disney Store so go out and get it… and have a magical day!

hulk and easter 087

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