Separated at Birth?


Sam Kieth is easily one of my favorite artists and I remember seeking out his issue of the Hulk (above) every time I entered a comic shop.  I bought everything he released and still, to this day, love his opus series “The Maxx”.  Interestingly enough, as I was scouring through some back issue bins I have in the Hulk room I opened a box I haven’t touched for a few years.  Inside was my Maxx series and most of the other Kieth mini-series and One-Shots… including the I before E series.  I noticed something very interesting and familiar about the cover to #1 – do you see it too?



3 responses to “Separated at Birth?

  1. That is too funny. Any idea which of the two was published first?

  2. Good spot Ratchet, Love the Keith issue – one of my favourites. Back when guest artists did their own thing in a self-contained one issue story and weren’t just a poor clone of the regular artist. I miss those days.

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