Hulkbuster Iron Man Hands (2015)

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To this day, the most brilliant idea any toy creator ever had was in 2003 when someone said “Why don’t we make humongous hands, paint them green and make them growl?”  That man should have been made a medal!  Well, almost like a welcoming tradition, with every Marvel movie that featured the Hulk there were accompanying Hulk fists of some kind.  The first, of course, are and will always be the best – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!  This post is about the latest offering of “Hulk” style hands.  The Wal-Mart exclusive “Hulkbuster” Iron Man Hands!

lex play 035

If you use these pair of hands with the original it is so much more fun for the Hulk fans – but these are more on par with the 2012 Avengers Hulk Hands.  You could also use the Gamma Grip Fists – but let’s stop messing around – use the originals!  They are somewhat disappointing in size – but that’s to be expected at this point as each new version continued to shrink and came with less features.  The first loss was the foam – and a soundless fist – as they made the second release out of cloth.  They went back to foam – but took away the sounds with the next set!  That was a huge bummer… but I got over it.  Then they just got rid of fists all together and gave us open Hulk Hands.  We have to get give them slight props for offering us something new… but the originals are still King!  Thank you to Gammapup for supplying me with an unopened pair of the originals!

Let’s try to list all the versions here:

2003 Hulk Hands (Original)
2008 Hulk Hands (Cloth)
2008 Abomination Fists (Cloth) (Wal-Mart Exclusive)
2012 Avengers Hulk Hands (Cloth)
2012 Avengers Hulk Hands (Foam)
2014 Red Hulk Fists (Foam)
2015 Avengers: AOU Hulk Hands (Foam)

And a gratuitous shot of them all in all their glory:

lex play 033


One response to “Hulkbuster Iron Man Hands (2015)

  1. Hey Ryan-Glad I could add to your collection!

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