September Brings New #1’s and… A New Hulk?


Can’t say I’m all that excited to hear about Marvel’s plans to once again renumber the Hulk… But in this case they are doing it to every title this time.  You know, because it worked for DC so why not just copy a great idea, right?  Except that Marvel has been doing this to their fans for the better part of a decade and a half.  We’ve gotten 4 new Hulk titles since 2007. FOUR!  Why should anyone be excited about this?  Yet the buzz is that people are.

The other news we’ve been issued?  A new Hulk.  Yup, another new Hulk.  Who knows what that means – but didn’t Duggan just spend the past year cleaning up the mess that Joey Q made of the Hulk – only to have a new mess be served to us?  I know this sounds negative – sorry to all of those out there looking forward to this, I don’t want to diminish your enthusiasm – but I have to say… I am so sick of reboots at this point!

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5 responses to “September Brings New #1’s and… A New Hulk?

  1. Oooh a shiny new #1 first issue collectors edition issue. I hope it has polybagged-trading card die-cut holographic gate-fold glow-in-the-dark ninja-whoop-ass cover with 50,000 variants by different artists. I’m going to buy at least 3 copies of each. Ive waited soooo long for reboot of my favourite character. I really, really hope Marvel make the character like the one in the popular Avengers movie franchise, then my comics will be be like my films and I wont be confused. I’m just so excited, I don’t know how I can wait till September.

    • God I hope that Marvel learned its lesson from X-Force #1. Variant covers seem to be really big right now, though. Hopefully we won’t see a complete crash of the market again.

  2. I hear you with the reboots. I have been collecting the Hulk since the mid-1980s, but took a little break when my daughter was born in 2005. Just came back & I don’t even know where to start! I’m just picking up random things at this point & trying to figure it out as I go along.

  3. With all this change for change sake with the character every 6-8 months since 2010 or earlier I don’t even know why I stick with the book. Marvel can’t seem to make up their mind on who the Hulk is. Now The Hulk is not The Hulk? Didn’t we do that Red Hulk and that blew up in their faces. Maybe this Hulk will be black/asain hermaphrodite with bisexual tendencies. Oh and he is neon yellow because we haven’t done a yellow hulk yet. At least when DC did the new 52 their characters were basically the same. Not just some schmoe who took the mantle of said character. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel brought in that black from the later Ultimates run who just looked like a roided up Luke Cage. Marvel is really giving some solid reasons just stop buying comics all together.

  4. I strongly suspect that Bruce will remain Maestro – and She-Hulk will transition into taking on the mantle of being known as the Hulk.

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