Some People Might be Interested in…


The fact that it’s being speculated that Amadeus Cho is going to be the new Hulk.  Pak will write with the Liberty Meadows “Monkey Boy” on art.  It’s sounds appealing in certain aspects, if it’s actually true, but I can’t say I’m all that excited about a status quo change like this.  Making new Hulks (exact replicas) goes against the very nature gamma energy as explained to us since the inception of the Hulk and his growing rouges gallery… But of course, they destroyed that mythos with the Red Hulk – so they mine as well do further damage to the lore.

Who knows?  It could be good – Pak is very talented and full of ideas – but this one might be a bit too far off the reservation, even for me.  Click the image for the article.


3 responses to “Some People Might be Interested in…

  1. If this stupid “OH LOOK, WE’RE SO EDGY, LOOK AT ALL THIS TEMPORARY CHANGE!” crap is going to happen, then at least it will be a decent character like Cho, and it will also be handled by Greg Pak. It could be an interesting little run that lasts a volume or two until Bruce becomes THE Hulk again (unless he’s going to remain Maestro, I’m kinda confused since apparently Maestro will have his own series). It’s all really disappointing that this is happening though, because this happens RIGHT AFTER the amazing clean-up job Duggan did with his Doc Green run. I wish they had just decided to keep Doc Green, he was a really neat incarnation (Kinda like Merged Hulk with looser morals). Oh well… Maybe once this “OMG NEW HULK” nonsense is done with, we can go back to just having things as they were before the Great Loeb Typhoon of 08.

  2. 1.Totally agree with Max about Doc Green. What a waste of a great Hulk incarnation. Could have been a classic run.

    2. Again Max, totally agree about the new Hulk. Duggan just cleared up the whole “too many Hulks mess” in an interesting way and the first thing Marvel do is bring in a new Hulk? Unbelievable.

    3. Pak’s back. So Duggan is gone then? Sorry, I dont really keep up to date with Marvel news these days (seen and heard all the same hype many times before). That’s a real shame. The best Hulk writer for probably a decade or more. I didnt like Pak’s first or second run (I know – Im in the minority here) and never found Cho interesting, so Im really not excited about this reboot. After years of crap, Waid was the last straw and I finally decided to give up reading the Hulk just before Duggan was announced. Fortunately I decided to give Duggan a chance and it was wonderful. Ill give Pak a chance, but I think this reboot will sadly be the time for me to give Hulk the (re)boot.

    4. As Im not reading any other Marvel stuff, I didnt even know about this Bruce / Maestro stuff. Would any of you Hulksters be kind enough to provide me with a reading list for the relevant issues? I dont want to google it as Id like to avoid spoilers. Bruce becoming Maestro was enough of a spoiler as it is!!

  3. Yeah, I’m not interested in seeing Cho as the Hulk or any Hulk for that matter. If he’s #7 for a smart guy, what # was Banner? Anyway, at least we still have a Banner, Doc Green in the Planet Hulk storyline, and the Maestro in his own series. And what’s was with the Punisher/Dr. Strange combo saying he’s been dogged for a while by a different version of the New FF, yet in 5 seconds, he killed all but wolverine? Guess it wasn’t so much of a dogging…

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