Planet Hulk / Future Imperfect (2015)


With Secret Wars in full swing I thought we’d focus on the two stories central to  the Hulk universe and what it possibly means for the future of our jade hero.  With all the reports and the many rumblings about Banner no longer carrying the mantle of the Hulk it’s interesting to see that we have so many stories that are centralized around gamma creations.  Let’s be honest, it’s all sort of depressing to think that the hero we all love, getting the attention he deserves once again since the 80’s, is being treated so oddly by Marvel.  I know we always need to look to the future and that everything changes but sometimes it’s reassuring to have things be the same.  Hulk has always been Banner and there is something unsettling to think that it will no longer be that way.

CCF05252015_0005 CCF05252015_0007 CCF05252015_0006

We’ve been through this before though, when Banner was “cured” and Rick Jones suddenly became the Hulk! That didn’t last long… thank goodness.  The confusing recent years where the Hulk had the unfortunate doppelgänger who wasn’t even given a proper identity lasted way TOO long.  Now, the future looks… oddly uncertain.  What is the going to happen?  Will it be good?  Is it going to affect anything long term?  Marvel seems to be switching to a “Seasonal” approach to their comics and I don’t have all the answers – but I am uncertain if I even want to be on board.  More on that in later posts… but first, What is going on right now?


Well, Planet Hulk is sort of a confused event as it is more “Island Hulk” or “Continent Hulk”?  Of course, Marvel knew it would sell better if they cashed in on the nostalgia of the most recent well received Hulk story lines so hence, Planet Hulk.  This story, though, revolves around Steve Rogers and his… ummm, partner of sorts, Devil Dinosaur.  Not much really happens in the first issue other than setting up what the Hulk section of Battleworld  is.  They focus on the Thor Corps sending Rogers to the land of Hulks.  That’s right – there is an entire land of Hulks.  The better part of this series is the added Amazing Science #15 at the end where Cho and Banner give us a better idea of where this land of Hulks came from.

CCF06162015_0002 CCF06162015_0003

The one thing I can not recommend more is Future Imperfect written by Peter David.  The story opens with Ruby finding Odin in the desert – saving him and taking him to the Dystopia.  Janice makes an appearance and you are instantly sent back to 1992 and the brilliant groundwork laid by Peter David’s original story.  I am not going to give away too much – Slider, a mind reader, reveals that Odin is not Odin and then a classic match up is set up for next issue.  I really don’t want to sat more than – pick this up and read the hell out of this comic!  So worth it!

The art is amazing, of course, with Greg Land at the helm.  Make sure buy this – and then tell a friend!  Maestro – is as mean as you remember:


Planet Hulk: B- / Future Imperfect: A 


6 responses to “Planet Hulk / Future Imperfect (2015)

  1. At least we’ll get a new Future Imperfect story by Peter David before this catastrophe with Banner not being Hulk anymore hits… I still can’t get over this colossal fail! Duggan just got done cleaning things up, and gave us an awesome new Hulk incarnation in Doc Green to boot! It’s really crappy of Marvel to just disregard his efforts like that, especially when he was clearly doing this due to Hulk fans being so displeased with the direction Hulk had been heading ever since Pak left after World War Hulk. I didn’t think anything could out-crap the dark ages (Loeb), but things aren’t looking good for ‘ol Greenskin. All we can do is hope that it doesn’t last very long, and that Banner will return soon. Only question is, which Hulk personality should return with Banner? We haven’t seen Grey in a long time, I wouldn’t mind having him around for a while again! He was always my personal favorite!

    • What about the ultimate universe psychopathic Hulk? Glad the Hulk with Banner made it into that universe and survived everything, but I’m actually hoping he’s going to be let go. Imagine if HE becomes the Maestro? They’re both killers and it’s not that far of a stretch…

  2. I stopped reading Ultimate comics after Ultimates 2 (Ultimates and Ultimates 2 were cool modern re-imaginings), but I really loved how psycho Hulk was in that (except the cannibalism, that was too much). Whenever Banner transformed, you knew it was gonna get nuts! That would be an interesting idea, having him become Maestro….

  3. Very, very, very happy to have Peter David writing the Maestro story. I cant understand why Hulk fans on this site arent more exited about this? If I had had one wish for a hulk story it would have been this – PAD writing Maestro. Ive been waiting for this for so long I’d forgotten I was waiting for it. I remember way back Janis and Maestro came to the ongoing Hulk series, and then nothing happened….I think it was probably around the time PAD left Hulk so that’s probably the reason, but I always wondered why no writer had picked up this hanging thread as I thought there was a great story with a great villain just waiting to be told. To be honest I was a bit glad nothing was done with Maestro as it would probably have been done badly and ruined the character – imagine if Loeb had got hold of him! At first I thought Marvel was holding back from using Maestro until they had the right story, but I then I began to think they had just forgotten about him. Then in recent years he has popped up here and there but nothing of any real substance. Then his reappearance was hinted at in Duggan’s arc and I was excited, but again nothing. Then out of the blue, here is Mr David writing a Maestro series. My prayers have been answered.

    My only worry is that as this is part of a Marvel event, Mr David wont have full control over the story he wants to tell.

    Now if they can just get him to stay around and write a Hulk or Maestro ongoing series my world will be complete.

  4. This sucks with the exception of PAD returning. Marvel has really lost me No More Hulks !!!!! No more Thors Mutants Spider Iron or Captain Copy People.

  5. I’m enjoying the new Planet Hulk stories since they break from the normal routine. And I have always had a special place in my heart for the Maestro. So I am happy they brought him back and gave him his own story line. Its been good thus far.

    But yes I am extremely dubious for the future of Hulk. Banner not being Hulk I can kind of forgive, but only if that was it. I think they have totally overhauled what it is to be the Hulk in order to make him more approachable to new fans. Which may sound great to anyone hoping to make more money off him…but its a total spit in the face to old fans and the true spirit of this character. I loved the Jekyll & Hyde/ Frankenstein influences. I love the Hulk because to me he has so much depth in comparison to the rest of the Marvel universe. And I fear they may have dumbed him down to make more money. Time will only tell if I am still a Hulk fan by the winter.

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