The Biggest Reveal Never…


The entire 2008 Red Hulk series centered around trying to keep readers interested in finding out the identity of the new Hulk.  At first, with the teaser posters Marvel was releasing of the Totally Awesome Hulk, blacking out the Faux mo-hawked head and hand of the new Hulk, and later changing the silohetted noggin to a Thor and then Iron Fist looking head, it would seem that history was going to repeat itself.  Well, today Marvel put the theories to rest and let the entire world know what they already knew… That Amedeaus Cho will helm the jade mantle.

As much as I respect Pak and his career as a Hulk writer there are a few reasons I have chosen to not pick up the “totally awesome” new series.  I wonder how many of you are following suit?  Bear in mind that my reasons have nothing to do with the bigoted whining I see from fan boys on the message boards when they say Disney is making the MU more diverse and PC so they made Hulk Asian.  I don’t think this is a Disney directive at all – and I have no problem with anyone creating diverse characters in what we read month after month.  So, if those comments appear on my site, here is your fair warning that they will be deleted.

Here are my issues –  Hulk was an anomaly.  Plain and simple – Hulk was created from an unforeseen happenstance that could not seem to be replicated.  They said so over they early years of continuity – with countless enemies trying to create their own Hulks – and always failing.  Why?  Because how the Hulk came to be was never designed.  Not to mention, it was always stated that Gamma Radiation affects everyone differently. That’s why Betty sprouted wings while Sterns brain grew three sizes that day.

Sure, you can point out Jenn Walters, and really I have no good response – except that it didn’t change her exactly the same either.  Of course, her change came right from the blood stream of Banner – so there is that.

Even so, after Duggan spent the better part of a year cleaning the mess that Quesada and Loeb created of the  Hulk Universe, we’re now seeing the same stunt being repeated that began the problems in the first place.  We’re being thrown out of the fire and into the frying pan.  That’s why I for one will not be along for this ride. No matter how many times Pak will try to reassure readers how fun this new take will be I just can’t muster enough interest to devote my time to reading a series that is obviously meant to appeal to new readers and alienate the faithful.  Sorry to say, I am done.


19 responses to “The Biggest Reveal Never…

  1. This is absolutely stupid. No way. Will not read. Get original Marvel! Doc Green was cool dammit. No more Hulks! No no no no no !

  2. Wasn’t there a thing about PD leaving the series because Marvel Execs wanted to kill off the Hulk and make a new Hulk? Wondering if they’re trying to do the same thing? I don’t want to pick it up, but I’ve been addicted for almost 30 years. I don’t think I can quit without help, but since we don’t know what happened to Bruce and the original Hulk, I’ll hang on for a while.

    • Oh, and to be clear, I only get the regular cover and don’t boost sales by buying every variant. I learned that lesson back in the 90s with you guys.

  3. Hey Ryan-I posted on the- Incredible Hulk Message Board about how I feel about this “NEW” Hulk and I’ll say it again here -for me Banner is and will always be the HULK-No One else,That’s what made character so unique and tragic Banner carrying around all this power inside him and not wanting it.Again to me this “NEW” hulk is a fake just like the Ross Red Hulk,and after 35+ years of reading HULK books I’m off the book- I’m sure Marvel will have their “TOTALLY AWESOME HULK” #1 followed by several variant covers by “guest” artists to hype-up the series but I’m done. Talk to ya soon-Mike

  4. I’m done with Marvel comics, period. Marvel is just flipping us all off after Duggan cleaned everything up for us. His awesome (albeit short) run on the book was in vain. The fact that we are back to square one after cleaning everything up… I just can’t trust Marvel to make the Hulk great again. All they care about are gimmicks these days, made clear by the title “THE TOTALLY AWESOME HULK”. Seriously? That sounds like a comic title I would have come up with if I had written a comic when I was 8 years old where I turned into the Hulk. In other words, it sounds like the title of a fanfiction written by a child. Marvel just doesn’t give a damn about us Hulk fans, they only care about flashy new gimmicks that they think will make money. In reality, they get all of their Hulk money from the dedicated fans like us, not new readers. That’s how it has always been, since Hulk hasn’t been a character like Batman or Spider-Man, where the name alone sells copies. They can’t, and won’t, respect us and give us what we want. I’m done. Since they give us the finger, I give it right back to them.

  5. Okay, so, I partially disagree with your bigoted comment. Some are, but I feel some arguments are legit. Marvel is pointing out all of the diversity themselves, in multiple interviews, they want race and gender to be at the fore front.

    Anyway, I agree with the rest of your post. Also, As much as I disliked all of the Reds and variants, at least Banner and Hulk were still connected. Now, the way they are talking, Hulk is like Tony’s armor and Banner has been relegated to the Rick Jones side kick realm.

    • I hadn’t read any of the Marvel interviews – other than Pak’s – until recently. I do think you’re right on some level as every report now focuses on soley throwing the diversity in your face. That actually seems more racist than anything, truth be told. Still, I see too many overtly bigoted comments on message boards that aren’t called for.

  6. BIGOTED ???? really -not my intent,sorry that you took it that way!

  7. I believe have just invented a new comics phenomenon – “the jumping off point”. And I like the rest of you shall be jumping. The title alone killed it for me instantly. Max you summed it up perfectly. If it werent for that title I would have given it a look just in case it was good.
    I tried once before to give up on Hulk after the Aaron then Waid fiascoes ( Ive been reading since 1988 #349 so it was no easy decision). I said I would come back though if the series ever picked up. Fortunately it picked up straight away as Duggan came on board and I had to do an immediate U-turn. Unfortunately I dont think the same is going to happen this time.
    I wouldnt be surprised to see some of you making a similar U-turn yourselves though – wont you be tempted to see if Pak can work some more Hulk magic? Im unfortunately immune to his magic, being the only Hulkster who didnt like Planet Hulk, so I think Im in for a long hiatus…until the Banner reboot in a years time!
    Anyone liking the current Planet Hulk and Future Imperfect? Im bored by PH and not even finding FI that interesting despite PADs involvement.
    Totally Awesome Hulk – are we sure its not a joke?

  8. I will continue to pick up the book or maybe just buy the entire run on e bay like I did the last series. The last couple of years I’ve just bought the runs discounted just to save money on a book that I really didn’t enjoy. For years the Hulk mythos was ruined by Loeb’s Hulks and just when it seemed Hulk would be great again with the work that Duggan did now this. My little girl was born in 2008 the same month the Red Hulk mess was born. She is 7 now and will be 8 next year. Depending on how long this Totally Awesome Mess will take place this will have given Hulk fans almost if not a decade of seeing there favorite comic book character being mishandled by Marvel. I for one don’t blame anyone who decides to walk away from the Hulk. I always thought that if they wanted more Hulks that they should have given the Hulk persona’s to Hulk supporting characters. Example who be the Savage to Doc Samson. The Grey Hulk to Rick Jones. Hell the Red Hulk could have been Bruce Banner and probably who have been loved by Hulk fans. Banner is Hulk. Without Banner any Hulk fan don’t give a ^*&*&^ who he is.

  9. Sorry gammapup, I should have referenced ratchet in my post. Your writing was not bigoted.

  10. Ill try it and out see how it goes. Im expecting the worst and hoping for the best. This takes place after Secret Wars and from what i understand Cho was responisble for detonating the Gamma Bomb which turned everybody into Hulks.

  11. Well Ratchet is a genuine Hulk/ Banner reader and I agree. …….And to say myself. This Is Not The Hulk.

    Duggan did such great work to ressurect my favorite character only for Marvel to interfere again and take a giant crap on Hulk…..again. Marvel does not fail to disappoint.

  12. It sounds like a totally awesome kids cartoon or Disney movie 😉 I will look before I leap away from Marvel, I think Pak’s done enough to give him a chance.

    The hulk has been transformed from a fearsome force of nature to a strong guy most people have a chance of beating, how much worse can they make him?

  13. I’m so angry about this move that I’m not even going to say much about it. I’m seriously cutting back on the number of comics I’m reading lately. What I am excited about now though is Contest of Champions. It has the Maestro AND Mr. Fixit! Several of the variant covers even have Mr. Fixit right on the cover!

    • Throw exactly is Maestro and Fixit in it? They are both Banner!

      • It could be either 1.A time traveling version of either character or 2. A surviving alternate universe one. If any of the other remaining ones have a Mr Fixit. Not sure about that.

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