Daily Archives: October 2, 2015

Hulk Gelatin Mold (2015)

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Does anyone out there really like Jell-O?  I can’t stand it… I mean they have to have fans – Jell-O has been around for so long – I know some people infuse it with alcohol to make it more an adult treat.  I truly can’t stand it!  It’s not so much the taste – although I don’t like fruit flavored candy – it’s more the texture of it in my mouth.  It’s just slippery and slimy and disgusting.  The good news is – I can now make this desert that I will never eat in the shape of an enraged Hulk!

I was originally thinking that I could maybe use this for a cake but of course… it’s rubber.  That will never work.  And of course, I would be covering the cake in frosting – the best part of the cake – so you wouldn’t see the bad ass rage face underneath.  Hey – stick with me here – I’m spit balling here.

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