Daily Archives: October 4, 2015

A Hulk to Make You Soil Yourself.


This is a new piece from Cinemaquette – a 1:3 piece that kicks complete ass!  If I had the space and had the money to drop I would snag this in a second!  I’m not always a big fan of (large or life sized) pieces – for example; the Oxmox Hulk inspired from the 2008 movie was not my cup of tea at all – and even though I’m a huge sucker for the classic rendition of the Hulk, this piece leaves me in awe!  Part of it has to be the “real” hair.  Most of the other statues boast sculpted hair and it never looks just right – but this has the wow factor to blow anyone casual or die hard fan completely away!

Click on the pic above to be brought to the site to order this monstrosity!