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Hulkbuster/Raging Hulk Mini-Mates (2015)

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A whole bunch of new Mini-Mates have surfaced on the pegs.  This is easily the coolest of the new group.  Hulk is in full rage mode and ready to destroy – with the Scarlet Witch’s mind control in full effect!  You can tell because he has irritated stoner eyes.  I do like how they have the Hulk in the hue of grey to make this Hulk truly different.

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Although these are cool I hate to say, I feel as though these Mini-Mates are a step down from the earlier releases.  The Hulkbuster Iron Man from wave 7 (that came with the Gamma Hulk) was a better figure!  The helmet actually flips up to reveal the smaller Iron Man inside.  The older version is quite expensive now but I don’t see this one actually reaching those heights.  The helmet doesn’t move and the rest of the figure is rather clunky.

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The older version, with his big clunky head, actually looks more intimidating than the new model that has a small head and large bulky middle. I wouldeven go as far as to say that the older version represents the AoU Hulkbuster better than the recent release.  Like I mentioned – the Wave 7 Hulkbuster is pretty pricey – but honestly, it may be worth it if you want the better rendition.

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