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Hulk Softs (2015)

quick hulk pics 008

Quite a few stuffed Hulks came out this year.  Smaller, unique takes on the Hulk that can spread joy to the face of every little one out there!  I know that I showed off the Itty Bitty before – available at the Hallmark stores – that really doesn’t offer much as far as details – and it’s very small – and has a base of beans, easier to let it sit up.

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On the contrary, the Mopeez Hulk is not very much bigger than the Itty Bitty and offers some great details including the tiny pecs, abs and the AoU inspired pants.  The fuzzy hair and the large white eyes makes this little guy a great piece.  It’s not substantial in size but it is worth the pick up anyways.

quick hulk pics 011

Fabrikations Hulk of course is the largest soft and it has the best quality to it.  Well, it should – seeing as it cost more than double but it does

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The box itself shows some of the artwork that reminds me Marvel’s version of Mike Kunkel – the artist from the amazing Hero Bear and the Kid.  If you’ve never tried that comic you should totally track some issues or trades today!  Totally worth it.  All in all, I have to say this year has been a great one for some new, unique Hulk items to add to any fans collection.

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I was able to snag a second Hulk at TRU for the clearance price of just $11 – rather than the pretty pricey $20 it normally runs.  I have to say, Funko has continuously amazes me with both the sheer amount of licenses and the amount of products they offer.  While they are known most for the Pop! figures these Fabrikations are totally fantastic!

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