Playmation Hulk (2015)

hulks whhhhha 014

There is a new game on the market – as it were, me not being the gamer, I have no idea what it does or how to play it.  I figure it’s much like the Infinity games where you can place the characters you buy right into the game – but then again, I’m not sure.  One of the kids at TRU started to explain what Playmation is but I got bored and walked away.

hulks whhhhha 016

I’m just kidding!  I didn’t just walk away from someone who was talking to me!  That would be so rude.  I did interrupt his explanation by shouting “BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! HOLY BORING!” and then shook my head and walked away.

hulks whhhhha 013

Okay, if you believed that then I don’t know what you think of me!  Come on!  I listened but I drifted off a bit.  When I heard him stop talking I thanked him and then walked away.  Which actually may be the rudest response of them all…

hulks whhhhha 015

4 responses to “Playmation Hulk (2015)

  1. But is this Hulk a good addition to the collection? For example, I have no idea how Disney Infinity works, but the Disney Infinity Hulk looks great on the shelf.

  2. I agree – the Infinity Hulk looks very cool. In that vain you should check out the new post – I try to do a real review! Thanks for the interest!

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