Hulk vs Ultron Hallmark Ornament (2015)

hulks whhhhha 009

There was a time when Hulk ornaments were a hard thing to come by.  These days it seems that a few new ones pop up every year.  Hallmark especially has given us a few that really were memorable.  The Hulk vs Wolverine ornament was unique and memorable.  The large talking one from last year was one of the best pieces on my tree!

hulks whhhhha 010

Of course it started with the, looking back now, crude Hulk from 1997.  It features the Moe haircut and was obviously inspired from the merged Hulk of that era.  For some reason, though, I love it!  I’m not really having the same feelings about the new ornament.

hulks whhhhha 011

The Hulk vs Ultron.  Yes, that is what the last movie featured… except that wasn’t the Hulk’s shining moment in AoU.  It should have been Hulk vs. Hulkbuster.  That’s not the only thing wrong though – it is simplistic paint job that lacks impressiveness.  Neither the Hulk or Ultron is designed very well.  The sculpts aren’t really the problem – it really lies with the elementary paint job. For the price we pay to Hallmark I expected something a whole lot better.

hulks whhhhha 012

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