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Side Show Gladiator Hulk (2015)

hulks whhhhha 004

Sideshow has produced quite a few Hulk busts, maquettes and mixed media statues called Premium Formats.  The original release is easily one of the best Hulk statues ever produced – a statue that has slipped in and out of my collection over the years.  The latest PF I have was sold to me by a friend who had a little bad luck when hurricane Katrina blew through NJ resulting in a boxless piece.  I know some collectors focus on the 4-color outerbox as making it a complete statue but seeing as people don’t display the box I was happy to be able to replace that Hulk into my collection – thanks again, Mike!

hulks whhhhha 006

I haven’t bothered picking up too many other Hulk statues from Sideshow as I thought they were overpriced and the likeness were completely off (I’m talking to you buzz-cut Hulk Maquette!).  Then SS announced the Galdiator Hulk – or as I like to call it – the SS Planet Hulk!

Unlike earlier SS Hulks this one looked fantastic from the get-go.  I still cringed when I saw the asking price of $600 and resigned myself to not getting another SS Hulk piece – but then something extraordinary happened.  See, I’m the kind of consumer who is not inclined to just buy a piece based off pictures – I need to see it in person – and as would luck would have it my LCS ordered it.  They displayed in the case and the manager continued to to point out what a great statue it was.  I agreed – but still thought the price was too much.

hulks whhhhha 007

Then it happened.  Someone bought it.  Yes, you read that right, someone bought the statue and it disappeared from the store and I forgot all about it.  Of course, three months later, the Hulk reappeared into the case.  The manager pointed it out as I walked into my LCS that Wednesday and told me to take a lok at the price.  I’m not going to say just how much the price was reduced – but let’s just say, due to the former owner’s girlfriend being upset over the purchase said boyfriend had made without consulting her first.

hulks whhhhha 005

I have said it over and over – Size does not make a statue great – but in this instance the size brings a presence to the piece that commands attention.  It has adds an awe to the overall statue that doesn’t compare to anything else!  The weapons, the cavalier pose, the comic accurate gladiator armor and even the smug look on his face – it is easily one of the best Hulk statues to come out in a long time!

hulks whhhhha 008

They have released a World War Hulk version that I hear people are ecstatic about but I can’t see buying (or getting as good of a deal that makes another purchase worth it) that piece.  I think this is the one to get though – one that I am happier to have as, story wise, Planet Hulk will live on as one of the greatest stories ever told.  World War Hulk… ehhh – it will live on in infamy as the story told right after one of the greatest Hulk stories ever told.