Avengers: Age of Ultron Rampaging Hulk (2015)

meme 90th 042

I have to admit I was shocked to see a new AoU Hulk figure – even if it is from the cheaper line sporting less articulation, duller sculpting and more.  But hey, there is another figure!  It it looks like a Grey Hulk!  Even though the Hulk didn’t display the grey hue in the movie I always like seeing a new Grey Hulk released!  I found this at TRU this past week but had no prior knowledge that this figure was even being made!

meme 90th 044

Obviously inspired by the Scarlet Witch scene where the Hulk is brain washed and goes on a rampage.  The screaming, red eyed, angry Hulk is very cool – although I wish we had a variant for the ML AoU instead of the 3 3/4 figures – but since we don’t have a choice.

As with every figure in this line the articulation is just in the neck, the arms and legs.  The flat paint application doesn’t impress mush – but there are details that we didn’t see in the earlier figures – such as the redness around the eyes.  Overall, this figure isn’t going to win any awards but since the pegs have been pretty barren with new Hulk figures for a while this was a nice surprise!

meme 90th 045

Grade: C+

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